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                - Cheap affordable family pet friendly rooms and cabins for rent in Puerto Morelos -Vacation rentals on the Mayan Riviera - Mexico - 20 minutes from Cancun and 2 minutes from the beach - Nurture yourself in nature



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A little bit of paradise:
Imagine that you have some cool cousins that live in a unique natural house in Mexico; that's what staying at Casitas Kinsol feels like.
I stayed here with my 5 year old son and we both loved the experience. Its not just a hotel with 'staff' but rather a guest house with a warm host and hostess. The room was rustic and natural and it felt like we were sleeping in a tree house. The owners are warm and hospitable which make this place a real family environment.
This is a place that attracts people who really love nature and prefer to be in that setting. Its a bit off the beaten track and its (in my opinion) better for it. However its not so far off that other places are inaccessible; my son and I traveled daily to the beach for 50 cents.“


Everything at Casitas Kinsol was absolutely perfect:
Casitas Kinsol is delightful. Christine's artistic creativity shines from every corner of the property- the rooms feel like something from a fairytale ;) The neighborhood is local, safe and laid back, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In addition Alan and Christine shared lots of useful information about Puerto whenever I asked, and responded generously to all requests. Not to mention, I LOVE their puppy dogs! Thank you to the family- 2 legged and 4-legged .


"Casitas Kinsol… where shall I start raving about this gorgeous little gem set in a lush tropical garden with accommodations varying from beautiful rooms surrounded by treetops to cozy authentic palapa's..?! The whole place is overwhelmingly peaceful; entering Kinsol is like taking a joyful and soothing bath with the air being filled by the happy tweets of tropical bird! It's the most perfect place for those who are longing to get away from it all and who are looking for something completely different than a 'tiles-and-concrete-hotel' and the bursting atmosphere of vibrant yet crowdy Playa del Carmen. Christine and Alain are extremely heartwarming, caring and knowledgeable hosts who will provide you with wonderful tips about things-to-do in the surrounding. They are practically the whole day on the spot and nothing seems to be too much for them. Room 1 is a very spacious palapa with it's own very cute patio. The palapa is very nicely decorated, clean and comes with two fans that will keep you cool during the night. On top of this all, Puerto Morelos - both the beach area as downtown where Casitas Kinsol is located - is utterly tranquil, with villagers happily wishing you a 'Buenos dias' when you're walking or cycling by (yes, Casitas Kinsol also offer rental cycles!) and offers great snorkel opportunities (the reef is in a great condition compared to other places alongside the Riviera Maya) and cosy restaurants and cafe's. The fact that I returned to Casitas Kinsol already after 2 days (leaving Casitas Kinsol for Playa del Carmen was truly a mistake) says enough in itself! I'm very much looking forward to my next stay!!


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Super hospitality and very nice rooms:

After two days in Cancun, this was absolutely great. A beautiful and relaxing place with a laid back atmosphere. Nice and clean rooms; nice local surroundings. Can't beat the price (15.00 or US$29.00 per night with 2 pax)."


Casitas Kinsol

In Puerto Morelos

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For immediate assistance, call us in Mexico at + 52 998-206-9152




Casitas Kinsol is a family-owned and operated vacation / holiday rental. These huts, bungalows and rooms are for rent by the owner. This is not a vacation rental condo or a holiday flat for rent; this is not a vacation house or a villa to let. The property counts with 8 individual rooms, with private baths. They are located in the heart of Puerto Morelos (the town - but not the port / beach area) on the Mayan Riviera - Caribbean coast of Mexico. Its convenient location is only 5 minutes drive from the beach of Puerto Morelos and 35 minutes from Cancun (25 minutes from Cancun international airport). The daily rate starts at $29.00 US Dollars for 2 persons. Ask for our week-long discounts.



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