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It all started in 1993. At that time I came out of a relationship and I wanted to do some changes in my life. I decided to buy a piece of land in a remote location that would be my peaceful retreat, away from the rush of the modern civilization. Puerto Morelos appeared at that time to be the perfect choice: a small fishing village with many expatriates, foreigners, artists, ecologically oriented residents; only minutes away from Cancun.


Back in 1996, I found a quarter of an acre of land on the far West side of Puerto Morelos. This was then the last unpaved "street" (more like a trail). No water supply, no electricity, and of course no phone line would get so far west in Puerto Morelos. Water was provided through out 2 wells on the property. Electricity came a year later. Today, Casitas Kinsol is in the heart of the "Colonia" of Puerto Morelos, less than 2 blocks away from the main square, on the West side of the main Federal highway.


Buildings: there was only one hut where some locals used to live. This building is still standing: this is now the room #8. It still has the amazing hard wood structure that holds together with ties (no nail, no screw!!!): this is almost a landmark in Puerto Morelos. It has gone through many hurricanes and tropical storms with no major damage. Only the roofing cover material has been redone several times.


Year after year, improvements were done to this building and some other buildings were added to the property. The main goal was to have enough rooms to host my mom, my brother and friends. There are now 8 rooms, all with their own private bath: 8 are offered to our guests and friends. We live most of the time in one of the rooms when there is availability; if not, we head for a small house 700 yards away from Casitas Kinsol.

As it happens to all of us, life takes changes that we never expect; I ended up renting some of the rooms on long term to locals in need of a place to stay in between major moves in their life. Then a second step was to offer the rooms as part of a guest-house: this was in October of 2009. This is Casitas Kinsol as it is known today: some rustic rooms for rent, all with their own private bath, in the heart of "La Colonia" in Puerto Morelos, the perfect location for an immersion with the local population: know how the locals live and share their habits and their customs.




For immediate assistance, call us in Mexico at + 52 998-206-9152




Casitas Kinsol is a family-owned and operated vacation / holiday rental. These huts, bungalows and rooms are for rent by the owner. This is not a vacation rental condo or a holiday condominium for rent; this is not a vacation house or villa. The property counts with 7 individual rooms, with private baths. They are located in the heart of Puerto Morelos (the town - but not the port / beach area) on the Mayan Riviera - Caribbean coast of Mexico. Its exceptional location is only 5 minutes drive from the beach of Puerto Morelos and 35 minutes from Cancun (25 minutes from Cancun international airport). The daily rate starts at $29.00 for 2 persons. Ask for our week long discounts.



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